Our principal activity is centred on residential, dwelling buildings and detached houses even though it also includes other types of projects of great functional complexity like commercial buildings, factory buildings and functional buildings.


We approach each of our projects with a very high degree of individualization and attention to the client. This is particularly important in the early study phases, in defining requirements and scope.The result is a complete product that extends from initial studies and scheme design to the bringing into operation a new facility or the phases of remodelling an existing building.


A customised design and complete supervision of the execution ensures compliance with budgets and completion dates guaranteeing the project’s success.


We offer Project Management and consulting services with a view to optimising construction projects across the board beyond the creative design and supervision of the works, coordinating and managing the processes, formalities, and agents involved in every stage


Our design philosophy is best described as “contextual”. Every project is an opportunity for a unique and original creation and expression of built form.
Our approach is to develop the design in response to the numerous factors that may influence the existing property, including the character of the site, the neighbourhood and historical context, the orientation and climatic conditions, and the architectural heritage and to carry out rebuilding and extension measures with high requirements on the planning and construction.


To respect the privacy of our clients, we don´t publish full plans and location details of our Projects. If you want to know more about more our work, please contact us and we will be happy to send you more detailed information.

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